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Since I hardly ever use my journal anymore, I'm just gonna leave it as an onion compendium for those who want to use it. I'll keep it updated for any new onion head icons. If it's NSFW then it may or may not be added to the list. Just post any new ones on this journal or on my profile. If you made an onion head plz account and want to be credited for making it, notify me on your message and/or on the plz account. 

Here is a list of of account creators and the plz accounts they made. Note that the avatars are either made by Onion Head creator Ethan Liu or Onion Head fans.

Onion Head plz accounts made by me:

Onion Head plz accounts made by :iconaustralanima:

Onion Head plz accounts made by :iconkurosakiichiro:

Onion Head plz accounts made by :iconxinaliia:

Onion head plz accounts made by :icononigiri-momo:

Onion head plz accounts made by :iconpreppyemogoth:

Onion head plz accounts made by :iconpatrengkee:

Onion head plz accounts made by :iconsnappedragon:

Onion head plz account made by :iconkawaii-animeprincess:(deactivated)

Onion head plz account made by :iconshia-sama:(banned)

Onion head plz account made by :iconlink3895:

Onion head plz account made by :iconryubakadesu:

Onion head plz accounts made by :iconalphawolf93:/:icononialphawolf93:

Onion head plz accounts made by :iconalucardvx:

Onion head plz account made by :icontsukiyonyan:

Onion head plz account made by :iconfroggfan09:

Onion head plz account made by :iconmmarcom:

Onion head plz accounts made by :icontodd18:

Onion head plz account made by :iconyippieyayeeh:

Onion head plz accounts made by :iconinkspots123:

Onion head plz account made by :iconphillipant:

Onion head plz account made by :iconpoisonoustiger:

Onion head plz accounts made by :iconfl00fy:

Onion head plz account made by :icontheamazingnsixtyfour:

Onion head plz accounts made by :iconpikpikgal:

Onion plz accounts with unknown creators



Official Site (Chinese)
Mainland China Site (Chinese)


Q: What are these things?
A: They're onions. Not cats, but onions. Don't ask me why. 

Q: Who is the creator?
A: Ethan Liu, a Taiwanese guy who made Onion Head / Onion Tou awesome.

Q: Then who are YOU?
A: I'm a Chinese guy in the United States of America who's interested in these Onion Heads.

Q: Do you do requests/commissions/art trade?
A: No, and never will. NEVER.

Q: Can I use it as my avatar?
A: Sure. I guess anyone can use it as their avatar as long they give credit to Ethan and his Onion Club fans.

Q: Will you make an onion head of ______?
A: I can't actually. You'll either have to ask Ethan himself or a talented fan artist.

Q: What program did you use to animate the icons?
A: I have no idea. Curse my lack of computer knowledge. :(

Q: Can I make fanmade Onion Head accounts?
A: Sure, but remember to give credit to who the character belongs to. Copyright and all that.

Q: Why is your username "omgwtfbbqplz"?
A: I first heard it here on DeviantART from some deviantart submission. I thought it was funny so I named this account "omgwtfbbqplz".

Q: If this is a plz account, then where's your main account?
A: This IS my main account AND my plz account. :iconmindblownplz:

Q: How do you put the icons into comments?
A: type :icon______: and replace the blank with a username. For example, putting in "omgwtfbbqplz" (without the quotes) will get :iconomgwtfbbqplz:. There are some places where you can and CAN'T use plz in certain places like the shoutout widget so be aware of that.

Q: Will you be my friend/ Will you watch me?
A: If by "friend" you mean, an online friend, then maybe. If you're doing it for pageviews, then no. 

Q: Will you marry me/ make love to me/ be my sugar daddy/ bear my children?
A: My chastity & virginity > your sex drive 

I AM NOT THE CREATOR ON ONION TOU/ONION HEAD! I AM JUST A GUY WHO MAKES THE PLZ ACCOUNTS. Just to prevent being banned for not crediting the creator of this character, the creator of Onion Head is Ethan Liu ,AKA "Ethan" or "E". 

And if you wonder what flash or program is used for animating the icons, I have no idea :(. You can try asking the people around if they know or people in but you have to be a member to join if you want to ask.

And if you have ideas and want to make onion plz accounts you gotta talk to Ethan "E" Liu . If you want to make a big epic onion plz account, you can, but the animation won't be in sync, just so you know.


Before this summer started, I was panicking to find a summer job so I can get some work experience for my future career. Well it's mid-July here and I'm still jobless, sitting in front of my laptop doing nothing productive but gaming my ass off to steam games. Why? I was too scared. I'm 21-years-old going 22 this year, living with my mom, and I have barely done anything productive during the last couple summer breaks. I tried thinking of incentives like "getting a job = money for a new PC", but it didn't work. I even had good reasons why I need a job such as being a low income family making way less than 30k annually, and needing the work experience. I keep getting negative thoughts like "I won't get accepted, I'm too weird/ugly/inexperienced/socially awkward/dumb/unfit for this job" and "even if I did get accepted, I won't last because co-workers won't like my behavior and I might make situations worse than they are".

The first negative thought is justified. Due to constantly locking away myself from society and "basement-dwelling", I now bear some notable neckbeard traits like poor hygiene, a notably fat stomach, awkward conversations with strangers (even on the PHONE, to the point of stammering and trouble breathing), pointless geeky pop culture knowledge, and living off of parents (though this is a good reason, as rent in the city where I live in is fucking high). Last 2 summer breaks, I got a letter to apply to some job, and had to go through and interview. Needless to say I didn't get the job because I was stupid for being too honest, stating all the shit that an interviewer DOESN'T want to hear. ("I don't know my strengths", "I'm not good with people", *long awkward pause to answer a question*, "I'm not sure if i'm qualified for this position"). Do I have to stretch the truth to look good in another interview? 

The second negative thought is how I noticed the way I behave in home and in public. I might have a mental disorder like ADHD and maybe some other things from what I observed. I have trouble listening and paying attention, as my mind is always on something else. When someone suddenly tells me what to do, my attention isn't fully directed to what they have said, so I have to make them repeat it. During lectures, I either fall asleep or daydream. Mostly daydream when I was in elementary school and now sleeping in college. Regardless of how many hours I get, 75% during lectures I would fall asleep and 25% is daydreaming. Taking notes kinda help but only when the instructor is writing stuff on board, but verbal lectures... yeah, I have trouble with them. To make it worse, I've been finding myself daydreaming more and more, which in turn is making me clumsier than usual. What if I accidentally break something expensive in the work place?

Before high school, I didn't understand why kids didn't like me. I was a very easy target for bullies. My sister told me it's because I act like an idiot in public, which I initially thought was BS until I looked back into my past behavior and observed current behavior. It turns out she was right. I've done some tard behavior before like rocking back and forth on my seat, paying more attention to fidgeting an object over lectures and storytime, and some other cringeworthy behaviors. In fact, I was thrown into some weird tard program (which my mom pulled me out when she found out), and I was paired up with another tard in 5th grade. During high school I tried keeping my behavior in check and it ended up being one of the best times in my life due to how nice I was treated. I was still a target to some bullies since some of my tard behavior slip out now and then. To this day, I still exhibit some tard behavior, but mostly at home because I'm fanboying over something stupid. I worry that this tard behavior would slip out during work, leading to fellow co-workers thinking poor of me. 

I feel like I'm more trouble than I'm worth. I can name some fuckups I just did in the last few years. For example, I had my mom cough up $100 for losing a proof-of-payment fare for a bus ride. I called a guy over to fix my internet issue and it made my mom fork over an extra $100 on the upcoming bill (AT&T told me calling the guy was free). When my mom got hospitalized for gallstones, I wasn't there by her side when she's on that hospital bed. I wasn't even there to help her when she was released, which lead to staff members asking her "where's your son? shouldn't he be helping you?" Note that in Chinese culture (I'm Chinese), family is considered serious business, and I fucked that up. Reason why I didn't show up? I screwed up my sleep cycle by gaming at night and sleeping in the morning. I was supposed to pick her up in the morning and I was sleeping. Geez, when I was hospitalized back in 4th grade due to appendicitis, my mom stayed by my side 24/7. My most recent fuckup is a recent letter about a failed jury summons. I failed to report because I have no idea how to report to jury summon. My mom (who is English illiterate) is gonna chew me out once she finds out what that letter is saying when she shows it to my aunt. I couldn't explain it to her because my Chinese skills are terrible. If I were to make similar fuckups this big at work, how long will I last before I get fired? What will my co-workers think of me?

Bottom line: I'm a wimpy, socially awkward basement dweller who has an unhealthy lifestyle, too scared facing the outside world, and I'm pleading for help and advice on this forum.

Jesus, I just typed up something for a therapist to read.  


United States
Facts: Chinese, male, short-tempered, Chinese illiterate, limited Cantonese speaker, can't speak Mandarin, stutters/mumbles at English, socially awkward, and a gamer.

Like: Good food, video games, video game music, Anime/Manga, Pokemon, VOCALOID, Touhou Project, Shin Megami Tensei, eating, sleeping, Onion Heads, the supernatural/occult, oriental stuff, music, flash movies/games, T-shirts, and imagining me punching stuff wearing rocket-propelled gloves.

Dislikes: Bad food, school, stress, haters, douchebags, spammers, flamers, griefers, college papers, ignorant people, misunderstandings, food poisoning, depression, growing old, long-sleeved shirts, and fearsome people wielding big weapons coming after my bunghole.

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